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Steve Knipper Files to Run for Secretary of State
January 10, 2023 - Frankfort, Ky - Stephen Knipper, former Republican nominee for Secretary of State and Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton, filed to run for Secretary of State again Friday.

“The election concerns I have had for nearly a decade are now recurring national news. The election topic is not going away this time, so I am dedicating myself once again to address it,” Knipper said. Top issues he believes need immediate attention are expanding voting locations back to normal, robust auditing procedures, and transparent public servanthood.

Knipper was immediately endorsed by Senator Adrienne Southworth and Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton. “Steve has a singular ability to tackle impossible problems. His background in security is simply unmatched by anyone in politics statewide," Sen. Southworth said. "I have full confidence that Steve's leadership will truly change Kentucky positively, but just as sure of decline if we fail to harness his expertise.”

Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton said, "I knew Steve's Information Technology, data analysis and management skills were top-notch, but his work during our Administration with Kentucky Homeland Security, the U.S. Air Force, and other agencies confirmed he was the best cornerstone for my team. Kentucky will be blessed by his service as Secretary of State during these challenging times."

Previously, Knipper ran for Secretary of State in 2015 and 2019. In 2014, he discovered through mathematical calculations that several counties in Kentucky had more registered voters than people. He was contacted by whistleblowers after announcing his findings, which led to further egregious discoveries and resulted in his repeated candidacy in 2019. Meanwhile, lawsuits and rulings confirmed that Kentucky was nearly leading the nation in potential insider fraud due to this extreme voter registration situation.

Steve is committed to a full investigation of all past activity and complete transparency of voting processes and election night results. He lives in Erlanger with his wife, Stephanie, and their five living children.

Meet Steve

Known for his extraordinary skill sets and approach, Steve Knipper wears many hats all at once. A project manager by title, Steve is skilled in advanced cybersecurity as well as other security and analytics. A typical day in Steve's life may include designing computer programs, instructing martial arts, and cooking Mediterranean dishes that belong on magazine covers.


The Knipper Family

Steve is a native of Kenton County and has been married to Stephanie for 28 years. They have a total of six children and two grandchildren. Five of their children were special needs adoptions from China, including one recently passed in 2021. Although familiar with both federal and global levels, Steve feels called to serve at the state level for maximum impact on the future of Kentucky families.

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Next Secretary of State

Steve's focus is transparency and simplicity because he has lived through the opposite as a private citizen and public servant. He was appalled to stand in hours-long lines to vote. His adoption paperwork took months of overwhelming travel to offices for signatures. He has uncovered suspicious activity through records requests only after tangles over whether they exist.

What does the Secretary of State do?

The Secretary of State is the Chief Business Officer and Chief Election Officer. Businesses and Entities file their paperwork with the Secretary of State. Other records housed in the SOS office include land records, notaries, the Governor's Executive Orders and Appointments, and other state records. The Secretary of State handles candidate filings and the layout of ballots for elections. The SOS also is the chair of the Board of Elections, which oversees every part of the election process including certification and equipment.

Steve on the Issues

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